How to Use the Internet for University Work

Por Nicolás VERGARA RUIZ et al..

     The internet. You enter a dense jungle that makes the Amazon Rainforest resemble nothing more than a humble garden; its magnitude is as impressive as it is overwhelming. Your professor, an exploration guide, hands you your task: «I need you to bring me seven cacao seeds, three aloe vera stems, and one handful of gold from the lost city of El Dorado.» Millions of ideas run through your head, every single one of them related to the fundamental question: how will I be able to find everything, and where do I start? Many of us have found ourselves in this situation, moments before beginning a research project through the expanses of the most gargantuan platform to date – the internet. Through a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of the process, those cacao seeds and aloe vera stems will be much easier to find! It’s all about learning how to navigate the vastness of the web, something that, by the end of this article, we hope you will have learned. And if you never find that lost city, you will have a report that is worth all of the gold that it was known for.

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• Referencia bibliográfica: Vergara Ruiz, N. et al. (2021). How to Use the Internet for University Work . Aularia, 10(1). pp: 131-136.

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